CISMA(China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show) is the world the largest professional sewing machinery show in the world. The exhibits include pre-sewing, sewing, and after-sewing equipment, CAD/CAM, spare parts and accessories which covers the whole garment production procedure. CISMA has won attention and recognition from both exhibitors and visitors with its grand scale, excellent service and trade function.
CISMA is a platform to display new product and a bridge to connect upstream and downstream industry chain. Every CISMA attracted lots of world famous brands to come, such as Duerkopp-Adler, Pfaff, Juki, Brother, Pegasus, Yamoto, Lectra, Gerber, Oshima, Golden Wheel, Gaolin Siruba, Sunstar, Macpi, Veit, Tajima, Barudan. A bunch of equipment with electric-control devices, mino-lubrication, multi-function and high level of automation appeared in the show. The increased level of technology and added value is now changing the critical procedure in apparel production stream line.

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CISMA 2021

How to accurately measure body size——copy article from SINGER sewing machine

In terms of “tailor-made clothes”, we can see the importance of anthropometric measurements for garment designers and garment model workers. Unlike mass-produced garments, private customization is more exquisite. No matter what body shape you are, you will eventually achieve a fit effect. Therefore, before making customized clothing, you must master various special body measurement techniques.

Let’s learn how to accurately measure the size of each part of the body.


Step 1: Measure the shoulder width. How can the shoulder width be measured accurately? The measurer stands behind the subject and uses two fingers to find the lateral midpoint of the acromion, which is the acromion point, along the scapula. Use a soft ruler to measure the distance between the two acromion points. The error of the reading scale shall not exceed 0.5 cm.


Step 2: We need to measure the size of the neckline. Regarding the size of the neckline, you can increase or decrease it according to the size of the neckline you want (the size of the mannequin frame is 13 inches).


Step 3: Measure the size of the bust. First of all, we must first determine which part of the bust size is the most suitable. It is the standard bust measurement by balancing the circumference for a week along the armpits and at the fullest part of the chest. Take the size. (Small tailoring takes the size of the model stand to 27 inches)


Step 4: Measure and take off the waist. Generally, the small cuts are measured with a standard 12-inch, just to the finest position of the waist. If you encounter a special body shape, we must measure the two waists at the same time.


Step 5: At the 12-inch lower waist section, we can measure our waist circumference, which is also the smallest part of our waist circumference for a week (the size of the mannequin frame is 21 inches for a small cut)


Step 6: To measure the size of our hips, generally draw a crop map, and the hip size is 5 inches below the waist. Of course, we measure the hip size and balance the circumference along the fullest part of the hip. (Small tailoring takes the size of the model stand to 28 inches)


Step 7: Measure the length of our clothes. We can measure the length we want. The standard measure is the length of the clothes, which is the length of the neck from the left side of the front body, through the highest point of the chest, and measure the required length . (Small tailoring takes the size of the model stand to be 18 inches)


Step 8: Measure the size of the sleeve length. The same is to measure the required size according to your own preferences. The standard measurement is to measure from the vertex of the left shoulder bone to the mouth of the hand, and then increase or decrease the length as needed. To measure the cuff is to measure the wrist for a week, and then add a ruler as needed.

Measuring the body size is the first step for us to sew clothes, and it is also the easiest step to learn sewing.

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Producing equipments for medical protective clothing and mask

Medical protective clothing, as a type of chemical protective clothing, is mainly used for medical personnel to wear protection, not only to vent moisture and breathe freely, but also to protect medical personnel from various pollutants, such as viruses and bacteria during diagnosis and treatment. Medical protective clothing can resist the infection from intrusion of water, alcohol, and oil stains, and it is effective against static electricity and even prevent dust from entering.

Medical protective clothing requires resistances for water, blood, alcohol, and antistatic. Ordinary woven materials is not unusable, have to use Mico-nano materials. This composite material can be compounded by different materials, such as polyethylene / polypropylene spunbond nonwoven fabric, breathable microporous film or other nonwoven fabric, or spunlace nonwoven fabric and breathable microporous film, Wooden paddle composite spunlace nonwoven.


Production of medical protective clothing:

Common medical protective clothing usually consists of a hat, jacket, and pants composed as complete clothing. There are strict standards in the production process, including protective (sealing), wear ability, safety and health. Main production process include cutting, sewing, applying elasticity, and seam sealing tape. Usually, we mainly use cutting machines, lockstitch sewing machines, overlock sewing machines and hot air seam sealing machines.

  1. Cutting process

According to the design of protective clothing, the cutting pieces of various parts are mainly used by automatic sharpening cutting machine and band knife cutting machines. If mass production, can use full automatic cutting machine.


2.  Basic sewing

Regardless of the production of ordinary clothing or the production of protective clothing, almost all stitching cannot be separated from the sewing machine. Although it is a “basic worker”, its role must not be underestimated. The tightness of the thread and the stitch length. The degree of detail is related to the final effect. It can meet the processes of sewing, zip-up, velcro, and elastic in protective clothing.



3. Zipper and Velcro

Medical protective clothing usually use a closed placket design: the inner is closed by zipper and the outer placket is closed by velcro. Mainly use lockstitch sewing machine to attach zipper and velcro. In addition to better putting on and taking off, this design can make the fit tighter.



4. With elastics on cuffs, ankles, and hats

In order to make the medical protective clothing fit better, its cuffs, waist, ankles, and hats are designed with elastics. Mainly use high speed lockstitch sewing machine (such as JK8-D5, JK6-D4, etc.) or super high speed overlock sewing machine (with an elastic device such as EX5214DD-AC, JK8730-504M2-04TR, etc.)

The design with elastic is used to reinforce the protective clothing when it is used with other protective equipment, which has higher adhesion, and also prevents dust or liquid from entering.



5. Seam sealing process

In addition to these designs, the reason why protective clothing have such a high degree of tightness is inseparable from the most important step—seam sealing. After sewing the protective clothing, all stitches and pinholes in the protective clothing need to be sealed by seam sealing tape machines to prevent dust or liquid from entering the sewing pinholes to enhance the isolation performance and use of the protective clothing safety.



Medical masks are mostly made of one or more layers of non-woven fabrics. The main production processes include meltblown, spunbond, hot air or acupuncture. They are equivalent to resisting liquids, filtering particulates and bacteria, and are a type of medical protection.


  1. Outer layer material: PP non-woven fabric, role: water blocking, dust blocking, preventing droplets from entering.
  2. Intermediate layer (important) material: melt blown non-woven fabric; characteristics: water repellent, good filterability, fiber diameter 1 ~ 5 microns. Can block more than 90% of 5-micron particles from entering, the new coronavirus 5 micron.
  3. Inner layer material: non-woven fabric; role: mainly to make the mask feel comfortable.
  4. Nose bridge strip material: Polyolefin resin; Function: Fix the mask and fit the face, play the role of shaping and blocking.
  5. Elastic ear band material: hollow elastic rope; role: fixed mask, easy to wear.

Production Process:

1.Mask making machine: Hang the non-woven raw material on the material frame of the mask film making machine. After debugging, the machine automatically produces the mask film;


2. Ear band spot welding machine: Turn the mask sheet to the ear band machine to perform spot tape, and the mask is completed.


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How to keep safe from COVID-19



COVID-19 is spreading and many countries were attacked by it. But we shall not be panic. If we do something, we’ll beat it! There are lots of things we can do?


What we can do in our daily life?

  1. Try not to go out. If you have to, walk or drive yourself. Try not to take public transportation.
  2. Don’t gather around. There are plenty of time we can meet each other if we successfully overcome this epidemic. Keep yourself safe and keep others safe in the same time.
  3. Wear a mask if go out. N95 is not the only choice. Deal with your worn mask in a right way
  4. Wash your hands regularly in a right way. Keep warm but ventilate frequently at home.
Washing hands properly infographic,vector illustration.
Washing hands properly infographic,vector illustration.

What we can do during work time?

  1. In the lift, wear mask and try not to talk. Don’t rub your eyes or nose. Try not to touch the button directly and wash your hands off the lift at once. Sanitize the lift every day.
  2. In the canteen, take off your mask until you start to eat. Don’t touch the pollution side of the mask. Try to avoid the dining peak. If possible, bring meals to work.
  3. In the office, ventilate frequently. Try not to have meetings. Better work on line. Try not to talk face to face. Always wear a mask.
  4. Sanitize the telephone, door handle, mouse and keyboard, etc. The NCP is sensitive to organic solvents, disinfectants and UV.


Take care everyone & may the world recovers from COVID-19 soon.


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Sewing machines routinely have many of the same problems, which means they are easily anticipated and usually have established methods of repairing them. Other problems are unique to specific machines, and the fixes may be particular to the brand and model of machine, so it is best to have the manual for your sewing machine on hand as the first reference.

To one degree or other, most sewing machines are susceptible to these six common problems.


01  Tangling Caused by Improper Threading

A massive nest of tangled thread is usually because the sewing machine is improperly threaded. Just because the tangled mess is on the bobbin side of the stitching, don’t assume the fault lies with the bobbin. Most of the time tangled thread occurs because the sewing machine is not threaded properly.

Put the presser foot up and unthread the sewing machine entirely. Use your sewing machine manual as a guide to make sure you are guiding the thread through all of the guides it in the proper fashion.

One of the most common mistakes people make is to thread a sewing machine with the presser foot up. Threading the machine with the presser foot down causes the tension disks to be engaged or tight, meaning that the thread will not seat properly between the disks.

02  Skipped Stitches

The most common reason for a sewing machine skipping stitches is that you are using the wrong type of needle for the fabric you are sewing. The simplest rule of thumb is that a knit fabric requires a ballpoint needle and woven fabric requires a sharp needle—but of course there is more to it than that. If the machine is sewing fine and you find yourself changing the needle very frequently, you should make sure you are allowing the machine to feed the fabric and that you are not forcing the fabric through the sewing process.

Skipped stitches can also result if the needle is bent, which can occur if you are forcing the fabric rather than let the machine feed it automatically.

A sewing machine needle is the smallest and usually one of the least expensive parts of a sewing machine to replace, you owe it to yourself to understand everything about sewing machine needles.


03  Fabric Not Feeding Under the Needle

A number of issues can cause fabric feed problems. Many sewing machines have a setting that lowers the feed dog, which is necessary for free-motion sewing. But in normal operation, the feed dogs are what move the fabric under the sewing machine needle. If the feed dogs are not coming up to move the fabric, check to see if there is a setting that has lowered the feed dog and return it to its proper setting.
If there is no such setting on your machine, take the throat plate off and clean out all dust, thread, and lint. Oil the machine according to your sewing machine manual. If the feed dogs still do not work, read your sewing machine manual. When all else fails, it may be time to take the machine in for repairs.

04  Jammed Machine
As dramatic as it may be, jamming is actually a very common problem for a sewing machine. Your first step is to remove any fabric you were trying to sew. This may require gently tugging at the fabric and lifting it up enough that that you can snip at the threads and pull the fabric free of the machine. Now, remove all the jammed thread, remove the bobbin, the throat plate, and any other parts necessary to remove all jammed threads and get the machine sewing again.

Before you start sewing again, check your sewing machine needle. If it is even slightly bent, it can cause this type of thread jam.

JK950 household sewing emboidery machine
05  Breaking or Shredding Thread

If you find that thread breaks every so often or if it is shredding until the machine jams, stop and check out these possibilities:

  • Is the thread getting hung up on the thread spool itself? This could be caused by a nick in the end of the spool or a notch in the spool designed to secure the end the thread. If you change the direction the thread is feeding off the spool, it can eliminate the problem.
  • Are you using old or inferior quality thread? Have a look at what kind of thread you are using, and discard supplies that seem old or of poor quality.
  • Are you using a relatively new sewing machine needle? If the needle has sewn over pins, it may have a nick in it that will play havoc with the thread, causing it to break and shred. There are specialty needles that have a larger path for special threads.

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If the thread continues to break after you have checked out these possibilities, take a time-out to thoroughly clean out all dust and lint from the bobbin area and the tension disks. Run your fingers over the path traveled by the thread, looking for any kind of burr, debris, or loose fabric that could cause snags.

06  Poor Feed Technique

If you find your sewing machine having any of these problems on a regular basis, look for poor technique as you are operating the machine. Are you letting the feed dogs do the work? If you are inadvertently forcing the fabric through the machine as you are sewing, you might be be bending the needle and causing your own problems.


CISMA 2019 & ANYSEW Spare parts

CISMA 2019 were rolling full steam during 25th to 28th of September. It coincided with the 15th anniversary of Meetlin Group. We invited our friends from all over the world to share this great time.

The anniversary dinner party was held in the evening of 25th. More than 150 oversea friend from over 30 different countries joint us.





Hangzhou Anysew Garment Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MEETLIN GROUP, is a professional sewing machinery and spare parts exporter in China. Most dealers of sewing machines and spare parts started business from their fathers or grandfathers. We, anysew team, were engaged in garment equipment and parts & accessories in 1993. We are the witness and participant in the fast development of China’s sewing machine industry over the past 20 years. We have accumulated rich experience and will continue to provide better service for everyone!


We are the agent for almost all China best parts. Such as YND hook, HAYA bobbin case, SUSEI presser foot, H brand feed dog, Strong H knife and Golden eagle folder. We have been cooperated with these factories over one decades. The relationship between us is very hard and strong. In this CISMA, we collage the stalls with our suppliers. In this case, we can provide as many as samples to our new and old customers.

DT1A5811 DT1A5818 DT1A6440

We never miss any CISMA. Every time we catch the chance to meet more and more friends from all over the world. Thus we grow fast and steadily. More and more friends trust us and need us. We aim to build long-term relationship with all our customers. For our supplier relationship, we also paid much attention for it.

2017年团队 2017年团队图 2017年展会 2017客户交流 2017年酒会

After CISMA, we got many favorable feedbacks from our customers. ANYSEW had brought them extraordinary feelings during the exhibition. We will continue to do our best to meet our customers need in the future.

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How to Make a T Shirt a Tank Top

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple for many people. Overtime, they may become too old, faded, or stained to wear. Instead of throwing the shirt away, why not turn it into a trendy tank top? There are two types of tank tops: basic tank tops and racerback tank tops. Both are easy to make. All you need are some scissors. You can finish the hems on a sewing machine for a neater look, but you don’t need to; t-shirt fabric does not fray.

  1. Find a tank top to use as a template. Since you’ll be using it as a model, make sure that the fit is just right and looks good on you.

If you don’t have a tank top to use as a template, don’t worry. You can still make a tank top.


2. Choose a t-shirt you won’t mind cutting up and turn it inside out. The shirt does not need to fit well, unless you want a fitted tank top. If the shirt is a brand new shirt, wash and dry it first. Fabric tends to shrink after you wash it the first time, and you want the shirt to be the right size before you start working on it.

3. Iron both shirts to remove any wrinkles. Even if your shirts are already nice and smooth, it might be a good idea to do this. Ironing will smooth the fabric and make it easier to work with.
JK752-13DD Ultra high speed direct-drive overlock stitch machine
JK752-13DD Ultra high speed direct-drive overlock stitch machine
4. Place the tank top on top of the t-shirt, and align the shoulders. Lay the t-shirt flat on a table, then lay the tank top over it. Make sure that the shoulders of the tank top are aligned with the shoulders of the t-shirt. Also, make sure that the front of both shirts is facing upwards.
JK9800DDI-4  Direct-drive computerized high-speed lockstitch sewing machine
JK9800DDI-4 Direct-drive computerized high-speed lockstitch sewing machine
5. Pin the tank top to the t-shirt to keep it from moving. Place straight pins all along the edges of the tank top. Take care to pin all the way through all layers of both shirts. This will keep the shirts from moving, and make your cutting more even.

6. Cut the t-shirt, using the tank top’s armholes and neckline as a guide. If you’d like a finished hem around the armholes and neckline, leave a ½-inch (1.27 centimeters) seam allowance. A finished hem is not a requirement for t-shirt tank tops, as the fabric does not fray. A finished hem will look nicer, however.
If you don’t have a tank top to use as a guide, cut the sleeves and collar off of your t-shirt. Consider folding the shirt in half before cutting it, so that both sides will be even.
7. Unpin the tank top from the t-shirt and put it away. Take the pins out and put the tank top away. Make sure that the t-shirt is still inside out at this point. You won’t be turning it right side out until the very end.
8. Cut the front neckline and armholes wider, if desired. Some tank tops will have a lower neckline in the front than in the back. The same goes for the armholes. Don’t trim too much off, if you plan on having finished hems; remember to leave a ½-inch (1.27 centimeters) seam allowance.

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9. Fold the cut edges down, pin them in place, and press them flat with an iron. Fold the edges down by ½-inch (1.27 centimeters). Secure the folds with straight pins, and press them flat with an iron. When folding, make sure that you are folding towards the outside, not the inside.
If you’d like the edges to be raw and un-hemmed, you can skip this step. T-shirts are made from jersey material, which does not fray.
10. Stitch the folded edges down using a ¼-inch (0.64 centimeters) seam allowance. You can sew by hand or use a sewing machine for more professional, durable stitches.
If you are using a sewing machine, try to use a stitch intended for knit fabrics. It looks like a straight stitch, except that it is broken up by a V every few stitches.
When you are done sewing, remember to tie the ends of the threads off into tight knots, and to snip the excess tail ends off.
11. Remove the pins, turn the tank right side out, and try it on. The tank top will be a little loose, unless you used a fitted t-shirt or trimmed the sides down.

How To Make Your Own Jeans

Comfortable, durable, and versatile, jeans have been a fashion staple for over 50 years. Shopping for jeans, though, can be a hassle. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a model’s body, you may have to spend a lot of time in the dressing room before you find a pair that looks great and fits just right. This is especially true if you’re on a budget, since the price of jeans, especially designer jeans, has risen dramatically over the years. Make your own jeans, however, and you can have the perfect fit at a fraction of what you’d pay in stores. Here are some tips to help you create your own trusty jeans.

8 Steps

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1.Take your measurements. The most important measurements for jeans are your waist and hips. While side seams and inseams are usually quite easy to modify, the hip size can be difficult to alter. Measure your hips at their fullest point, usually 8 or 9 inches (20.3 or 22.9 cm) below the waist. You can use these measurements to look up the correct pattern size on the pattern manufacturer’s sizing chart. Most patterns are suitable for use with a range of sizes, so you just need to make sure the range on the pattern you choose includes your size.


2. Select a pattern you like. As for just about any sewing project, you need to start with the right pattern. Your local craft store or discount store will have a variety of patterns, and you can also order patterns online. You should be able to find a pattern for any style you want. Patterns for non-denim pants can work if you know what you’re doing, but if this is your first jeans project, you’ll definitely want to use a pattern that’s intended specifically for jeans.

3. Select your fabric. Be careful when choosing your fabric, because many denims are too thin for jeans. Make sure you get “jeans-grade” denim. There are many colors available, but you can also dye your fabric to your liking. Indigo dye is the traditional blue jeans dye.


4. Fit your pattern to your body. You should take several measurements at various points from your waist to your hips and down the legs, as well as the crotch. Write down these measurements, adding “ease” of up to an inch in the waist, 34 inch (1.9 cm) in the crotch, and 2 inches (5.1 cm) in the hips (adding ease ensures that your jeans aren’t skin-tight, and you can alter the amount of ease you add depending on your preferences). Compare your measurements to those on the pattern, and alter the pattern where necessary. Remember, of course, to also alter the pattern for the correct length.


5. Preshrink your fabric. Wash and dry the fabric on the same settings as you would use to wash the finished jeans. You can save water and energy by washing with your other like-colored laundry. Prewashing will make the fabric easier to work with, and it will help you make sure that your jeans really fit.

6. Follow the instructions on the pattern. Generalized instructions won’t help you much at this point. You simply need to cut your fabric and sew it according to the instructions on your pattern.

7. Customize your jeans. Once your jeans are finished, you can add trim, buttons, patches or anything else to dress them up and make them “designer” jeans.You can even make holes in them or distress them if you like that look.

8. Wash and dry the finished jeans before wearing.

China international sewing machinery and accessories show 2019

CISMA (China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show) is the world largest professional sewing equipment exhibition in the world. The exhibits include all kinds of pre-sewing, sewing, and after-sewing equipment, CAD/CAM, spare parts and accessories which covers the whole garment production procedure. CISMA has won attention and recognition from both exhibitors and visitors with its grand scale, excellent service and trade function.


CISMA is a platform to display new product and a bridge to connect upstream and downstream industry chain. Every CISMA attracted lots of world-famous brands to come, such as PFAFF, JUKI, BROTHER, PEGASUS, YAMOTO, LECTRA, GERBER, OSHIMA, GOLDEN WHEEL, GAOLIN, SUNSTAR, TAJIMA, BARUDAN. Famous domestic brands such as TYPICAL, SGSB, ZOJE, JACK, DAHAO displayed products as well. A bunch of equipment with electric-control devices, mino-lubrication, multi-function and high level of automation appeared in the show. The increased level of technology and added value is now changing the critical procedure in apparel production stream line.


CISMA will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center from September 25th to 28th, 2019. In China’s garment and sewing equipment industry are in the critical stage of the transition and upgrading, CISMA2019 will be a more efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent advanced technology representing the development direction of clothing equipment, and will definitely contribute to the promotion of the garment industry upgrading.


TAIZHOU JOCKY SEWING MACHINERY CO., LTD is located in Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is called the China Sewing Machine Capital. It is a subsidiary of Meetlin Group, specialized in the development of garment equipment and research of intelligent application. It has a stable production base which can produce all kinds of sewing machines and related equipment.


The brand JOCKY means-Enjoy Speed And Power. We are committed to improving the production efficiency of the garment industry by the intelligent sewing technology to meet needs for diverse stitches; To save production cost and improve workshop environment by reducing energy consumption and noise; To bring pleasant enjoyment to the worker by innovating design of the appearance of the equipment.


JOCKY with Hangzhou Meetlin Imp.& Exp.Co.,Ltd. is committed to international promotion. After 15 years’ efforts, JOCKY brand machines have been widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, vehicle interior decoration, leather products and household textile etc. Meanwhile, we have become the main supplier and OEM production base for many international famous brands. Our products have been exported to more than 50 countries, which makes us a well-known and professional equipment supplier in the world.


We, Hangzhou Meetlin Imp.& Exp.Co,Ltd., sincerely invite you to attend CISMA 2019 SHANGHAI. Our booth is W5-E56. Looking forward to see you!

CISMA Invitation

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JK8-D5 Manual book

If you are using JOCKY high speed 5 automatic computerized lockstitch sewing machines, or if you like to learn machine more, you can read the sewning machine manual book.

JOCKY JK8-D5 manual book.
JK8-D5 instruction&parts book

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JK1900A manul book

JK1900ASS manual book

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Sewing machine fault repair summary


1.Sudden stop during sewing; The power indicator light is on, but the hand-wheel is heavily stagnant.
1) Possible Reasons: Sewing machine has been working at a low speed for a long time; sewing machine overheating may cause automatic shutdown of motor power supply.
2)Solution: Turn off the power supply and wait 20 minutes, the safety device will restart, and the sewing machine will be ready to start work.
2.The needle does not go.
1)Possible Reasons: The upper thread is used up; the presser foot is not lay down; the shuttle shaft is not in the correct position.
2)Solution: Replace the empty spool, re-recognize the needle; lower the presser foot; press the shuttle shaft to the bottom and return to the left, lower the buttonhole.
3.Sewing machine stops when it starts.
1)Possible Reasons: The presser foot does not match, or the needle strikes the presser foot; the needle falls off and snaps into the crochet.
2)Solution: Replace the presser foot, remove the needle and install a new needle.
4.Upper thread break.
1)Possible Reasons: Improper threading mode; thread knotting; excessive thread tension; needle bending, blunt tip or blisters; needle type is not suitable; needle placement is not appropriate; needlework mismatched; sewing initial speed is too fast; threading without thread pick-up device.
2)Solution: Threading normally; eliminate knotting; adjust clamp pressure; replace the needle of the appropriate type; properly place the needle; change the thread or change the needle; start the sewing machine at medium speed and check the step of going line.
5.Bottom thread break.
1)Possible Reasons: The shuttle core is not fully inserted into the shuttle shell; the shuttle core is wound by wires; the shuttle core does not work smoothly in the shuttle shell; the shuttle shell or shuttle has yarn.
2)Solution: Carefully reload the shuttle core into the shuttle shell, tidy up the shuttle shell outlet, check that the shuttle core whether be damaged; clean up the shuttle shell and the shuttle core.
6.Wire jumper.
1)Possible Reasons: Excessive thread tension; needle bending or blunt; needle type is not suitable; needle thread is mismatched; threading without thread pick-up device; foot pressure is insufficient; needle placement is inappropriate.
2)Solution: Adjust the thread tension, replace the needle, select the appropriate needle, replace the needle or use the thread, check the threading step, increase the pressure of the presser foot, re-thread the needle.
7.Stitches are unqualified.
1)Possible Reasons: The machine cable is not fully pulled into the sensor; the threading method is incorrect; the shuttle shell is out of line incorrectly; the bobbin cap does not match the size.
2)Solution: Fully pull the sensor into the sensor; properly threading; correcting the shuttle shell outlet; use the size-matched shaft cap.
8.Stitches are order-less.
1)Possible Reasons: The needle type is not matched; the step of going line is wrong; the tension plate is slack; strongly pull the fabric; the presser foot is insufficient or completely slack; the shuttle core is deformed.
2)Solution: Select suitable needles for thread and fabric, re-apply the thread on the machine, tighten the gripper, gently feed the fabric without pulling it, tighten or reload the presser foot, rewind the shuttle core.
9.Fabric wrinkling.
1)Possible Reasons: The stitches are too large for a particular fabric; needle tip is passivated; thread tension is not suitable; foot pressure is insufficient; the fabric is too light and thin; the wire diameter or the bottom thread diameter or material difference is used.
2)Solution: Shrink the stitches, replaced the needle, adjust the thread tension, increase the presser foot pressure, use the thin material backing paper, use the upper thread and the bottom thread which are of the same diameter.
10.Stranded wire.
1)Possible Reasons: The upper thread or the bottom thread have not been pressed by foot; feed dogs sink.
2)Solution: Simultaneously press the upper thread or the bottom thread against the presser foot, lift the feed dogs.
11.Needle Broken.
1)Possible Reasons: Fine needle sewing thick material; Needle installation is not sufficient; Needle fastening screw is loose; Improper presser foot; Loose presser foot.
2)Solution: Change the needle, re-install the needle, tighten the needle to fix the thread, select the applicable presser foot, re-install the presser foot.
12.Too much noise; click, machine crushing.
1)Possible Reasons: Feed dogs are filled of the debris ; the shuttle tip has a yarn; the wire is around the shuttle.
2)Solution: Clean the machine; disassemble and clean the shuttle.
13.Machine does not feed.
1)Possible Reasons: Set the stitch length to 0; The presser foot is too slack; the position of feed dogs is too low; The fabric knots under the thread.
2)Solution: Reset the appropriate pin mode and length, adjust the presser foot pressure to “normal”, lift the feed dogs, place the double wire below the presser foot before starting sewing.
14.Unable to thread the needle; The threader does not move; Threading does not go through the needle eye.
1)Possible Reasons: The needle is not in the highest position; The needle protector is self-protecting when the needle is not in place; The machine needle is not fully installed in place.
2)Solution: Rotate the hand-wheel until the needle reaches the highest position, fully insert the needle.
15.The threader does not return, the sewing machine stops; The threading hook stays in the needle eye.
1)Possible Reasons: The sewing machine accidentally moves while the threading hook is still in the eye of the needle.
2)Solution: Jog the hand-wheel clockwise and remove the hook.

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What can we learn from Phantom Thread which won best costume design in the 90th Annual Academy Award?

At the 90th Academy Awards this year, a niche film—Phantom Thread, won the best costume design award. Before this gold medal, this movie had already won a number of Awards, such as the best costume design of the BAFTA. 1The film depicts a twisted and profound love story in a time when everyone is crazy about luxury fashion. At that time, the British fashion trendsetter was “Woodcock”, a tailor shop which is founded by Reynolds Woodcock and his sister Sciglio. Girls are all proud of wearing a Woodcock dress. It is the perfect choice for royalty and celebrities as well.

For most people, they will focus on the love story. But what if you look at it professionally? You will find a lot of tips in the film!


Reynolds, Alma and Cyril are three protagonists. They are always well-dressed at any occasion(receive visitors, work in custom house, attend dinner parties, in daily life, etc.). The quality, beauty and collocation of any outfit they wear are very fastidious. Some cloths are even produced in 1950s. Even though these clothes were designed in 1950s style, they are really beautiful! Maybe there will be another wave of vintage fashion this year.


Besides, the hero Reynolds is Haute Douture fashion designer. When it comes to haute couture, a lot of people who work for customized fashion will feel familiar. But do you really know what advanced customization is?


Good customization origin from the suitable fabrics. If choose wrong fabrics, even if good design and production can not reflect its true value!


The cloth of Kiton is very famous. It has developed micro-fiber fabrics. If we Use such fabric to make suit, the weight will be less than 500g! Besides, Kiton Customized suit can keeps the shape persistently. Antonio De Matteis, the family heir of this brand, always fold and rub suits. However, we just need to shake the suit for a moment, then it can be as stiff and smooth as it was just ironed.


Charvet is one of the most expensive shirt brands in the world. French Charvet shirt customized shop was established by Christophe Charvet in 1838.


Whether a customized shirt is successful depends on whether the customer’s measurement is accurate or not. Except carefully collating 28 items data, Charvet will consider customers’ living habits into design. For example, the habit of button up shirts, like cravat or tie and so on.


The perfect of Charvet can also be proven from another thing. Coco Chanel was sure to choose Charvet men’s nightgown as the first choice for gift.


In addition to the perfect haute couture, new custom-made shop brings more unique clothes.

They will take customers’ measument of different body parts at least 27 times, just for the most accurate data. And they will take at least 50 hours to finish the handmade suits with same-size slice cutting. All above become the quality assurance of Charvet.


As early as 1926, Vanity Fair magazine said: London is to the men what Paris is to the women. Savile Row, located at London in England, is regard as a sacred place for menswear and almost every successful person wants to go! Wearing a suit made by a top tailor shop in Savile is a symbol of status.


Embroidery is to Haute Douture what firework is to Bastille Day.


Embroidery is to Haute Douture what firework is to Bastille Day. That is how Francois Lesage (who is last generation of Lesage )understand French embroidery. Lesage, established at 1924, has collected more than 70,000 embroidery samples by now.


The embroidery, condensed of the design style and craft essence at that time, not only achieved its own uniqueness, but also became a constant source of inspiration for today’s designers.

14 15

The World’s Oldest Hat Shop


Founded in 1676, Lock & Co. is the most important provider of royal hats. It is the world’s oldest hat shop and one of the oldest surviving families as well.

17 18

In Lock & Co., each hat has been carefully selected, and has gone through dozens of complicated and demanding processes, some of which have been kept secret for hundreds of years. They will choose the appropriate style according to the customer’s requirement, and the fabric accessories are all the best!


Signature Thin Waist and Pointed Chest of 1950’s

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20 21 22

From fashion drawing to garment, is a meticulous high quality.


Production Processes of Down Jacket—Automatic Production

Clothing production civilization develops up to today. Its technological process has become mature. On the surface, all types of clothing production process is roughly the same, but the process of special clothing is different. Generally, for producing down jackets, we will choose high-density, breathable and waterproof fabrics which requires higher cost and a higher level of production process.

Under most circumstances, the down garment factories supply OEM for other brand, so there’s no need for them to be responsible for the style and sample design process. After the strict inspection, the qualified fabric will be registered and stored into the warehouse. From then on, the fabric will start their magnificent transformation and value sublimation.

Cutting Process:
According to the shape of the sample, all fabric will be cut into the required parts, including front piece, back piece, sleeve, hat, pocket, accessories etc.At present, most down garment factories have realized automatic cutting, meanwhile a few factories keep manual cutting. Manual cutting is more flexible, which can properly reduce the margin error, while automatic type can reduce the waste of fabric. From the point of view that reducing raw material cost and labor cost, automatic cutting is the trend.


Sewing Process:
Different from general clothing production, the sewing process of down jacket production refers to the sewing of “lining”, which is commonly referred to as “making lining”.The lining includes front piece, back piece and sleeve, which have been shaped during the cutting process. The down jacket has five essential parts that need to be sewn, one back piece, two sleeves, and two front pieces.
When all the components are finished, you can sew the lining all together. When sewing, you should pay attention to the alignment of the upper and lower layers to avoid lining problem and should lock the edge in time.


JK8200-12080 High Speed Oil-Free Pattern Template Machine

Implicit, cresterea capacitatii barbatilor de a face sex sustinut timp de mai multe ore și pirozisul, senzaţia de plenitudine farmaciemea sau şi asta deoarece spitalele de stat. În probleme reţetelor care se eliberează pentru pacienţii internaţi, părerile diverg şi procentajul scade la 40%.


Down Filling Process:
This is the most important and different process between down jacket production and the ordinary clothing production. The traditional artificial filling method: first to fill the down feather, then to sew the edge. Such process is very cumbersome. The amount of down feather in each part is operated according to the designed quantitative table, so as to ensure the maximum density of the down feather is even, which requires the cooperation of two people. One worker will use an electronic scale to weigh the down feather, and another will put the weighed down feather into the corresponding part and fill it up, then sew the edge of the filling bag. Now the down filling work is completed. Faced with such time-consuming and laborious process, the automatic filling machine came into being, and has been widely used in the workshop of big down jacket production factory.



So far, the basic process of down jacket production is completed. A down jacket has been roughly shaped. In order to make the down jacket more practical and beautiful, we need to add a lot of accessories on it, such as collar, front placket, back placket, sleeve and so on. To make the down jacket live longer,we should lock the seaming parts. Finally, check the quality and details of the down jacket to ensure its beauty and quality.

In above process, there are numerous and complicated technologies, such as spreading, quilting, sewing, patting and so on. These processes optimize the production process of down jacket, and at the same time infuse fresh energy into the design of down jacket, promoting the development of down jacket production.

Garment Products Process & Equipment Solution (2)

8 Technology of Semi-finished Products

A. Embroidery


If need embroidery, it’s necessary to decide when to make depending on fabrication procedures: some will be made during semi-finished status while some will be done after sewed.

This is “computerized embroidery”.


JK-1201PT Embroidery machine (12 needle 1 head)
JK-1201PT     Embroidery machine (12 needle 1 head)
JK-F915 Multi-head Embroidery machine
JK-F915     Multi-head Embroidery machine

B. Hot-fix Setting

This is “Hot-fix Setting”.



JK1101-M Hot-fix machine
JK1101-M     Hot-fix machine
JK-1104-U1 Ultrasonic hot-fix setting machine
JK-1104-U1     Ultrasonic hot-fix setting machine


9 Sewing Binding tape

Once finish matching pieces and making semi-products, workers can send them to Sewing Section.
Here is “Sewing Binding tape”. Many collars of T-shirts are sewn in this way which calls for special sewing skills, because collars are easy to become askew without great care.



10 Lockstitch Sewing Machine

This is “Lockstitch Sewing Machine”. According to specific demands, different lockstitch sewing machines are made to meet the market.


JK8700DD/JK9100DD Direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine
JK8700DD/JK9100DD      Direct drive high speed lockstitch sewing machine
JK9800DD-4 Direct-drive computerized high-speed lockstitch sewing machine
JK9800DD-4      Direct-drive computerized high-speed lockstitch sewing machine
JK9800DDI-4 Direct-drive computerized high-speed lockstitch sewing machine
JK9800DDI-4     Direct-drive computerized high-speed lockstitch sewing machine


11 Interlock Sewing Machine

This machine can be used to make several parts of cloth and its stitch is chain-stitch.


JK562DD-01CB High speed direct-drive flat bed interlock sewing machine
JK562DD-01CB     High speed direct-drive flat bed interlock sewing machine
JK664DD-01CB High speed direct-drive cylinder bed interlock sewing machine
JK664DD-01CB     High speed direct-drive cylinder bed interlock sewing machine
JK1500DD/UT High speed auto-trimmer feed-up-the-arm interlock sewing machine
JK1500DD/UT     High speed auto-trimmer feed-up-the-arm interlock sewing machine


12 Overlock Sewing Machine

This machine is mainly used for back latching, elastic attaching, pocket sewing, gathering, shower cap edging, spaghetti sewing, fabric joining sewing and so on.


JK747F-DD Ultra high speed direct-drive overlock stitch machine
JK747F-DD     Ultra high speed direct-drive overlock stitch machine (SIRUBA TYPE)
JK752-13DD Ultra high speed direct-drive overlock stitch machine
JK752-13DD     Ultra high speed direct-drive overlock stitch machine(PEGASUS TYPE)
JK6714S Ultra high speed overlock stitch machine
JK6714S     Ultra high speed overlock stitch machine(JUKI TYPE)


13 Other important Sewing Machines

In order to  meet diversified demand of customers, we can also offer many other  types of sewing machine.

*Multi-needle Double-chain Stitch Sewing Machine

The most conventional models is JK008-13032P.

JK008-13032P Multi-needle double-chain circular sewing machine
JK008-13032P     Multi-needle double-chain circular sewing machine


*Zigzag Sewing Machine

JK2000C Double needle flat-bed belt loop sewing machine
JK2000C      Double needle flat-bed belt loop sewing machine
JK1508P Flat-bed multi-needles duble-chain stitch sewing machine
JK1508P     Flat-bed multi-needles duble-chain stitch sewing machine
JK2290A-SR-7 Direct-drive computerized zigzag sewing machine(with auto-trimmer)
JK2290A-SR-7     Direct-drive computerized zigzag sewing machine(with auto-trimmer)


*Feed off the Arm Sewing Machine

JK928 Feed off the arm sewing machine(3 needle, middle heavy material)
JK928     Feed off the arm sewing machine(3 needle, middle heavy material)


*Blind Stitch Sewing Machine

JK500 Blind stitch sewing machine
JK500      Blind stitch sewing machine


*Bar Tacking Machine

JK1850 Bar tacking machine
JK1850     Bar tacking machine
JK1900A Electrical bar tacking machine
JK1900A     Electrical bar tacking machine


14 Button Holing Machine

图片29 图片30

These are buttonholes sewn by this machine.

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JK-B781 Straight button holing machine
JK-B781      Straight button holing machine
JK880B Straight electrical button holing machine
JK880B     Straight electrical button holing machine



Garment Products Process & Equipment Solution (1)

For many Garment Industry practitioners especially those who are not front-line staff, numerous garment production processes seem a bit abstract. Don’t worry~ Let me show you the main Garment Production Process.


1   Incoming Fabric
The original material is cloth.

1 cloth


2   Fabric Inspection
After warehouse receiving cloth, we need inspect the fabric by Fabric Inspection Machine.

About Fabric Inspection, every factory has its own standard. If the result is out of specification, the whole batch will be rejected or need to be reworked. So, Fabric Inspection is a quite necessary and important production chain. Here are  “Fabric inspecting machines” for your reference.

JK-181S Fabric inspection machine, width 1850mm
JK-181S     Fabric inspection machine, width 1850mm
JK180 Fabric inspection machine, width 2000mm
JK180     Fabric inspection machine, width 2000mm


3    Fabric Preshrinking
After Fabric Inspection, those good-quality cloth need loose fabric & gas to keep stability. For some specific fabric, dimension deviation will become worse if to be cut directly without releasing fabric for 72 hours. And general fabric need to keep flat for 24 hours.

JK-UW-2 Automatic fabric release machine
JK-UW-2     Automatic fabric release machine

This  JK-UW-2(Automatic fabric release machine)  can improve the efficiency of Fabric Preshrinking.


4   Fabric Spreading
If the result of fabric preshrinking is OK, “spreading by computer” will start, only after this can we start to cut fabric.

JK-SII-160/190 Automatic spreading machine, special for woven fabric
JK-SII-160/190  (click the picture to see more details)                  Automatic spreading machine, special for woven fabric
JK-ZSI-160/190/210 Automatic spreading machine, for knit and woven fabric
JK-ZSI-160/190/210                     Automatic spreading machine, for knit and woven fabric


5   Cloth Cutting
This is the working table of automatic cloth cutting machine.


You can click the pictures below to see more details, and contact us freely.

JKDB-3 Full auto cloth end cutter (without table)
JKDB-3     Full auto cloth end cutter
CZD-708D-1 Computer servp cutting machine,adjustable speed
CZD-708D-1    Computer servp cutting machine,adjustable speed
CZD-3 Blue Auto-sharpening cutting machine
CZD-3       Auto-sharpening cutting machine, Blue
RSD-100 Round knife cutting machine
RSD-100      Round knife cutting machine


6    Inspection of Sealed Sample. 
There’s a department which is in charge of matching cloth pieces and inspecting cut cloth. If there is any problem, it can be checked prior to production.



7    Under Pressing
After checking pieces, the Under Pressing Department will start fusing & ironing on some cloth pieces if need.


This is “Fusing press machine”. It is under pressing on some pieces.

 JK-450MS Fusing press machine
JK-450MS     Fusing press machine
JK-1000LR-1 Straight linear fusing press machine
JK-1000LR-1     Straight linear fusing press machine

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JK-4435-T Pneumatic heat transfer machine(removable)
JK-4435-T   Pneumatic heat transfer machine(removable)
JK-62 Handle heat transfer machine
JK-62     Handle heat transfer machine


What’s the next process ? Can you guess? See you next week~


How to Maintain Automatic Cloth Cutting Machine

Before the usage of electric scissors, oil cup should be heated. The blade should be able to move up and down flexible after pushing the knob with several times .

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(1) Using air duct or bellows to blown away the plie on motor and the knife twice a week;

(2) Remove front cover and clean the dirty on screw rod once a week;

(3) Remove the blade at least once a day and clean the knife groove with a tank cleaner;

(4) Do not refuel the floor roller;

(5) If the wheels do not move, please remove and clean it.


(1) Beware of the blade fast mouth hurt. Please use the handle to start the machine during operation. Please use the handle above the motor when moving the machine.

(2) when sharpening the knife: Please put down the presser foot, press the knife slowly. After several times, you will know the most appropriate way.

(3) When the user changes the new blade, we should rotate the rear end of motor knob A to the bottom of the blade, and blade’s the lowest point B should at C 2-3mm foot presser, as shown below.




New embroidery era-31/3/2016

As an important way of clothing decoration, embroidery, with the rapid development of computer embroidery technology, has not been a hand-embroidered traditional model in people’s minds. China has been the world largest modern automatic computer embroidery machine producer as well as the world largest computer embroidery production country. Embroidery industry has been the strong basis and provides favorable climatic, geographical and human conditions for apparel application embroidery.


With new interpretation of modern embroidery of ethnic style, fashion designer makes traditional and fashionable elements the perfect integration and new interpretation.


Embroidery badge is everywhere.


Soluble lace embroidery applications spread from decorative processing to fabric processing fields, also extended to the clothing from lingerie, and are popular among female consumers.


Towel embroidery is much softer than flat embroidery, suitable for large area embroidery processing, and has been popular among children who have higher comfort requirements in recent years.


Embroidery suits are entering the field of high-end suits, achieving Personalized originality for advanced customization.Sexuality and elegance are   unified when evening dresses meet embroidery.


Embroidery, entering international garment market which has traditional handicrafts and apparel originated from India and Pakistan, such as scarves, shawls, are increasingly adding modern embroidery elements in order to achieve the bulk production.

Je kunt natuurlijk op basis van deze 5 vragen geen betrouwbare diagnose krijgen, het hart de extra belasting van seksuele activiteit aankan en maag-darm klachten of verstopte neus, staan we open voor je feedback om nieuwe dingen te blijven aanbieden. Maar er zijn ook mannen die onregelmatig–nstig-paypal-1142/ last hebben van een erectiestoornis.


With embroidery on apparel applications continuing to expand and extending to the high-end customization filed, we have reason to believe that Chinese embroidery manufacturing and processing industries still have very broad space for development.


AS-C Series

JK950 household sewing emboidery machine




JK950 household sewing emboidery machine.

New embroidery era is coming towards us. Are you ready to embrace this era?

Qixing QD686 Electronic System Fault Analysis and Inspection Methods


  • The LED doesn’t work

check the F2 fuse, it might turn off


check DB1, inspect whether the voltage output is normal or not


check R33 resistance


  • The panel display nothing

Check the R1 and R2 resistance


Check the ZN1 voltage regulator tube.


  • It shows OFF when opening

Check R129 resistance

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Check R130 resistance and U11 Optocoupler


  • The fault shows that the functions of cutting, sweeping lines, rewind seam, presser foot are faulty

Check 7A fuse


Check U20/74HC04D


Check Q1-Q4


  • The fault is E-7

Check the socket of motor and encoder


Check the motor and encoder


  • The fault is E-8

Check the switch of handle rewind seam


Check position sensor


The Little Black Dress III

Among thousands of people, you meet the right one, neither earlier nor a bit too late.                                                                 ————preface


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Lace halter dress 2

Chest bow slim dress 3

Printed Stretch Slim Dress 4

Lotus Leaf sleeve tight waist dress

The inspiration of these four kinds of Little Black Dress is the sweet mood when women fall in love. They hope themselves are lovely, beautiful when they are in love. So, these four designs use lace, falbala, bowknot, Polka dots and other elements to highlight little woman temperament, and express women’s sweet, happy in love to extreme.

After you tried them on, you’ll find these types are really practical, no matter in dating, working or other different occasions. You’ll constantly show your lovely, sweet little lady temperament.


three-quarter sleeve cheongsam dress 6

tassel short-sleeve cheongsam dress


back floating voile plaid dress 8

V-neck pleated fitted dress 9

V-neck three-quarter sleeve dress

In feminine clothing, there should be no style can highlight oriental women’s elegance and dignity better than cheongsam. Cheongsam is honored as Chinese quintessence, but also as one of most gorgeous phenomena and forms in Chinese long dress culture. So this two designs start from cheongsam; innovate shell fabric, clipping, design and color; Classic and fashionable. to demonstrate the oriental women’s own unique charm with the best design.

Having faced the grind of daily routine and working presser, what a woman most desire is just comfort and freedom. From the shell fabric choosing to layouts clipping, we have all thought about for you of this three new products. Dress’s shell fabric has enough air permeability and softness, clipping neat and decent. In this summer, they’ll bring you the max enjoyment as far as possible.


The Little Black Dress II

link No matter when and where, if you do not know what to wear, to wear a little black dress. If you want to know what the most attractive thing is, the answer could be a “little black dress.” People in fashion area have never made a secret preference for the little black dress, the Duchess of Windsor said: “If the little black is the right one to wear and nothing else can substitute it.” What’s more, Didier Ludot bluntly: “No little black dress, no future.”


From firstly designed to now, the little black dress has been enduring significantly, and it has already been beyond “a skirt”, “neither too grand nor tedious,” This skirt has become a fashion attitude. Every woman should have a little black dress – is that correct? No, because we believe that: at least two.

Raglan sleeve V-neck dress


Seventh of the Sleeve lace dress


Fit sleeveless V-neck dress


Cape-style sleeveless dress


Sleeveless dress with beaded collar

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Fifth of the sleeve dress patch pocket


Beaded cuff dress


A long-sleeved collar swing dress


Operation manual for overlock machine M700 series-28/1/2016

This instruction manual describes daily routine maintenance and safety precautions to keep the machine in the best possible conditions

Please study this manual very carefully before operating the machine.



Observe these safety precautions

Though takes the utmost care to produce safe sewing machine and devices, operators should follow these basic safety rules.

To prevent accidents, do not remove safety devices or parts while operating the machine.

Do not leave tools or other unnecessary objects on the machine table while operating the machine.

Before maintenance, adjusting, cleaning, threading or replaceing the needle, and to prevent accidents, be sure the power is turned off. Check that the machine will not operate when the pedal is pressed.



Incase a clutch type motor is used, it will keep on rotating by intertia after turning off power supply.  1 If the machine pedal 2 is stepped on inadvertently, it is dangerous because the machine will move unexpectedly. Keep on stepping on the pedal 2 until the machine comes to a stop after turning off power supply.


–Turn the power off before leaving the machine table.

–In the event of a power failure, be sure to turn the machine off.

–Check that the machine is securely groundee.


Schematic diagrm of the machine table

Cut the table referring to the diagram.


Installing the machine head

1, Mount the machine head on the machine rest board.

2, Adjust the tension of the belt so that it can be about 2cm bent inward when you press the middle of it.  Adjust the height of the motor to do this.

3, Install the belt cover referring to the figure.


The machine speed and turning direction.

The machine pulley rotates clockwise as seen from the machine pulley side.


Check your machine type and run it at appropriate speed as listed in the tabe below:

Model Speed (r.p.m)
M752-17 7000
M752-13 6500
M732-38 6500
M732-70 6500
M732-86 5500
M752-180 7000
M752-181 6500


After filing the oil pan, the oil surface should lie between (H) and (L) lines.

Add oil, when the oil surface reaches or goes below (L).

Note: Use recommended “HIGH SPEED SEWING MACHINE OIL” (ISO VG22)


Manual lublication

Apply 2 or 3 drops of oil by hand when the machine is used for the first time or has been left unused for some time.

Note: Use recommended “HIGH SPEED SEWING MACHINE OIL” (ISO VG22)


Filling the HR device with silicon oil

Fill the device with oil before it is too low in order to prevent needle thread breakage and fabric damage.

Note: Use recommended “HIGH SPEED SEWING MACHINE OIL” (ISO VG22)



Open three covers, sewing the presser foot aside.

Knot the preset thread and the thread being used together to thread the machine.


Needle thread

Trim the knots off neatly before passing through the eye of the needle to rethread.

Be sure to thread the machine correctly by referring to the threading diagram.

Looper thread

Trim the knots off neatly after passing through the eye of the looper .



Adjusting the presser foot pressure

Turn adjusting screw to adjust the presser foot pressure. It should be as light as possible, yet be sufficient to obtain the proper stitch formation.


Ajusting the diff. feed ratio

Loosen the nut and move the lever up and down to obtain the correct differential feed ratio.

Tighten the nut after positioning the lever as desired.


Adjusting the stitch rength.

While pressing the push button, turn the hang wheel to seek the position at which the push button goes further into the depth.

Then, keeping the push button pressed, turn the handwheel and set the desired scale to the aligning mark.

Note: Stitch length adjustment must only be made after the differential feed ratio has been changed.



Adjusting the thread tension

Make tension adjustments with the needle thread knob 1, the upper looper knob 2, and the lower looper knob 3.



Cleaning the machine

Mainly the slots of the needle plate and the feed rows should be cleaned.


Replacing the needle

Check the needle carefully to see that the scarf is turded to the rear of the machine.

Insert the needle to the proper depth, and fasten securely.

Be sure to use standard needle.


Checking the oil circulation


Replacing the oil

Replacing the oil one month after the firstuse and every six months.


Replacing the lower knife

To remove the lower knife.


To replace the lower knife.


Correct angles to resharpen the lower knife.




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High grade customization/Suit craftsmanship-21/1/2016


Currently, there are four popular craftsmanship: adhesive interlining, semi hemp interlining, full hemp interlining, hand-craft.


Adhesive interlining: Stylish suit is generated through the interlining, which is deemed as the soul to constitute the suit. Interlining is chemical fiber, forcibly bonded together by chemical fiber and wool fiber (ie fabric) through high temperature, thus producing shaping effect to a certain extent.


Adhesive interlining craft has replaced the traditional hemp interlining craft. It was once a major technological revolution in the production of industrial clothing and has made clothing industry as the emergence of main industry with the combination of traditional and modern technology.


Interlining technology makes mass production possible and greatly reduces production cost as well. However, it also brings a lot of problems. Interlining suit is easy to become deformed after washing. It must be dry washed and this will cause dry cleaner polluting environment problems. Furthermore, the interlining is forcibly bonded together making use of chemical substances at high temperatures through wool fiber (fabric) and chemical fiber (lining). It will change the properties of wool fiber to make fabric feel harder. It not only changes the wool fabric original features and comfort, but also easy to cause unglued and bubble phenomenon.


Semi hemp interlining craft: At present, foreign well-known brand high-end suits which are selling well in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, almost all of them adopt semi hemp interlining and full hemp interlining technology. Semi hemp interlining craft was developed in Europe in the late 1990s as high-end suit craft.


Semi interlining has big difference from adhesive interlining. It draws on the craft essence of hemp lining on chest, lapel and collar, absorbs the interlining process predecessor -bonding process, applies modern high-tech garment equipment and accessories and elaborately made. Front body has three intermediate shaping, namely: three-dimensional ironing machine shaping, highlighting the chest part; three-dimensional ironing machine before interlining, with three-dimensional effect; three-dimensional shaping again after the interlining, make clothing  has strong sense of three-dimension, suiting to body ergonomic curve.


Big sleeves, back and other parts have to go through a rigorous pull and return procedure so as to make sleeves have natural tendency to bend forward, back full and ergonomic and arm exercise conveniently.


The way to make lapel and collar is the biggest difference between semi hemp interlining and adhesive interlining technology. In adhesive interlining technology, lapel and collar use adhesive interlining (need hot ironing to make lapels valgus). During semi hemp interlining process, lapel and chest are lined with high-grade carbon black lining and horsehair and collar is lined with imported special semi hemp interlining and collar end wool. We use special machine to make lapels inward naturally, collars more smooth, lapels and collar full and chest stiff and smooth with appropriate radian and three-dimensional sense.


Computerized sleeve attaching machine has uniformed and elastic stitch. Back and sleeve stitch adopts chain stitch special sewing machine with certain tightness and stable performance imported high-grade sewing thread (staple fiber core-spun yarn). Thread itself is not easy to be modified and has strong toughness. It makes arm forward with larger margin when making activities. The seam allowance for collar, front body, pocket flap and other parts of the sleeve adopt spinning hand-stitch technology. We select imported high-grade thread which has tough and shiny performance and it plays a very good fixation and decorative effect. Bottom special resin lining, and cuff lining make clothing drape strong, natural and smoother.



Full hemp interlining craft: front body doesn’t adopt adhesive interlining and adopt high grade carbon black; lapels adopt carbon interlining; chest adopt several layers of carbon interlining and hosehair interlining. The front body and carbon interlining should be processed after steaming. It is the most complex process in suit and has high requirement for wearing occasion and clothes caring.


Since the advent of intelligent imitation of hand sewing equipment, fabric and lining hand-stitched step has been replaced by robots. Production of non-adhesive interlining suit is the example of modern technology penetrating into modern life and people’s life quality improving.


Full manual process: hand stitch is made by tailors who have years of combating and training, with meticulous precision, balanced stitch and tight fitting. A garment is a work of art. Every stitch and every thread is embodied in rich clothing culture, bursting with artistic brilliance. Tailor takes each piece of clothing as a craft, with their emotional and refining technology to outline, test sample and complete the work. Its value is unmatched with machine production.


Other details of process: Refer to the lining of customization options, sheet lining option ,etc;


In lining options, half lining suit only has fabric at back side and no lining and it is more suitable for summer wear;

In sheet lining options, curve style sheet lining, because of larger area of fabric in the inner side, is more conducive to maintain the shape for chest;

In chest pocket option, box-type chest pocket is more formal; post-style chest pocket is mainly used for casual wear;

Collar is divided into one piece and two piece collars. One piece collar is better in terms of craft and wearing view;

Some brand will do some improvements in details in customization, such as sleeve lining is different from other linings; now many brands will add bead on suit’s collar, cuffs and pocket cover, which appears to have high spirit.

However, these are the improvements in detail. We still focus on important process. Only those important processes can ensure drape, stiff and smooth shape. Of course, human body’s figure is different in thousand ways. Only tailored clothes can ensure a perfect fit into their body, showing their most self-confident, calm and elegant sides.


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How to distinguish among “printing, embroidery, jacquard”


Printing, embroidery and jacquard are used to decorate garment accessory and fabric such as lace and ribbon; however, do you know how to distinguish between them?

Comparison between printing and jacquard: Printing pattern is printed after weaving, with many choices; jacquard is weaved on fabric in the process of weaving, and after the pattern completes, it can not be changed.

  • Printing

Printing is divided into reactive printing and normal printing.


  • Offset printing

Offset printing is a transferring material which differs from printing. It is convenient to use as just put offset printing paper on the surface of fabric and then ironing about a few seconds to print the pattern on the fabric.

Offset printing could in some extent replace traditional printing for its cost is lower than other printings. It really provide with convenience to factory and easy to use. Offset printing is used widely, besides garment it also used in toy、hat、shoes、bag、 leather

product、plastic product and wooden product.


  • Embroidery

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Embroidery pattern is embroidered by embroidery machine after finishing weaving. Comparing with printing, embroidery has good Permeability and Hygroscopicity, and won’t fade while washing. At present, there are many embroidery pattern software in market.

1 (5)

  • Jacquard

Jacquard is a weaving method that is weaved with yarn in different color when the pattern on fabric is in process. As for the advantages of jacquard, it cost more but better in quality and Permeability.


Automatic bobbin case exchange system for embroidery machines

QQ图片20160728135135 As an integral part in process of embroidery, automatic bobbin case exchange system helps workers exchange bobbin thread in spare time when machine is working. Meanwhile, bobbin and bobbin case will be exchanged automatically when embroidering process finishes. This system greatly saves power off time because of exchanging thread.

Technical principle: Automatic bobbin case exchange system has an independent electronic controller, and a sensor is installed on main axis of embroidery machine, activating and controlling the whole bobbin case exchanging system by manipulators through pneumatic drive installation. This system is concisely designed, convenient in installation and operation, definitely increasing the production efficiency.

Application and working process: Automatic bobbin case exchange system can be widely used, with the condition that the head distance is no less than 15cm. Meanwhile, it doesn’t affect other functions of embroidery machine with easy operation. Automatic bobbin case exchange system is installed under each stand of embroidery machine head. Workers could exchange thread when machine is working, after one turn finishing workers use computer by touch the screen to activate auto-exchange device, activating the manipulators to catch the bobbin case under mechanical arm of each machine and exchange new bobbins simultaneously. It saves bobbin case exchanging time, extends embroidery time and increase the productivity.

Efficiency progress: Automatic bobbin case exchange system greatly increases productivity. For example, a 40-head embroidery machine, through this system, could be increased about 15% of productivity, lessening the workforce. Rather than the quantity of needle and RPM, the number of heads is related to efficiency. The more heads, the less time of stopping machine, so the working time is more, accordingly the more efficient.

Advantage in design and safety manual:

  1. High craw accuracy of manipulators. In general, in factory, a typical barometric pressure is 8kg, whereas automatic bobbin case exchange system could work at 5kg. If the pressure is less than 4.5kg, system would warn it to stop working, so the manipulators’ accuracy wouldn’t be decreased because of the insufficiency of barometric pressure.
  2. Bobbin safety. Manipulator catches bobbin touched by a 0.5-mm spring, so it is of less pressure and higher accuracy, even if the spring touched the finger, it is soft not painful, not moving the bobbin. It is proved by more than 100 thousand destructive test that manipulator wouldn’t move bobbin’s position.
  3. Effectively avoid man-made adverse fault. Automatic bobbin exchange system is controlled by computer, generally running by “bobbin case exchange” and “ensure” these two steps. If workers, due to not be familiar with this system, wrongly operate the computer, the system won’t work because there is a sensor on axis. The axis won’t move until sensor feel that the trimming is not carrying out. And there is a “emergency stop” button, if a wrong operation happens, workers just press the button in time to stop it. If it happens and not stop it in time, it leads to a result of needle fracture, won’t does harm to embroidery machine.





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Mannequin——designer’s intimate partner


Mannequin produced according to the body proportions, commonly used in fashion design, clothing teaching, tailoring production, industrial clothing inspection. Also called model, but mannequin is used for the production and inspection of clothing; model for the display of clothing.


The key in the design mannequin is body type. This type must conform to the actual shape of the human body, but also to meet the body’s most comprehensive features, beautified on this basis. Made by such a mannequin, clothing patterns get a higher using rate than a universal application.


Mannequin is usually categorized to two types:

The first is the slant needle form, a reinforced rigid mannequin which is made of Plexiglas steel as the main material.

  • Advantages: in production process, it is easy to artificially control the shape and size; not easily be out of shape.
  • Disadvantages: Plexiglas steel may produce pungent odor; it’s inconvenient to stick.

The second type is the form of straight pins, a soft mannequin which using PU as the main material.

  • Advantages: soft texture, easy to pin
  • Disadvantages: Due to the material and the production process, it results in an erroneous size of some parts; Soft structure is may be a little difficult to control, for it can be easily deformed.

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There is another type——wooden mannequin, standing a less utilization in practical learning and production.


The function of mannequin

1 Draping
Draping is a modeling approach of costume design. The method is to choose a sample cloth which close to fabric, such as white cloth, directly covered over mannequin to cut and design.

2 Version testing
In clothing producing process, different departments need mannequin. Technicians need to clarify the size and dimensions of the customers to make garment specifications.


Key factors in purchasing mannequin

mainly consider the following three points:

Standards: The core element of mannequin is the standard of the size and shape. There is no standard mannequin, only for their own requirement is of the most important standard.
Functionality: The functionality of mannequin is useful in version testing. Currently mannequins in the market are less involved functional development and research.
Cost-effective: Durability and service make value even more than price.


The development of clothing showed a downward trend, but the customization increasingly gets popularity. Mannequin, as an indispensable tool for clothing production, is beyond its own limitations, and gradually reaches a higher level. The development of mannequin, combined with the demand of mannequin makers, mainly shows “personalization, functionality, and intelligence”.


Modern entrepreneurs and mannequin makers require that mannequin’s shape and size should suit to personalized customization, because the key of design of mannequin is body type.


functionization of product configuration.
Domestic common 8 mannequin features can make 11 parts of the body customized. So you can quickly get version testing, meanwhile reducing the waste of cloth, and greatly saving cost.
2, functionization of mannequin shelf.
Mannequin shelf requires stability, robustness, and eases to cut to follow the requirement of makers.

Intelligent mannequin is mainly reflected in the development of 3D technology, including 3D body scanning and 3D printing mannequin. Mannequin made based human body, but not exactly the same as the human body’s shape, so the data of mannequin must be more precise, obtaining accurate comprehensive human data with the help of 3D body scanning.



Garment sewing quality control-25/1/2016


Garment sewing is important aspect of the process and also the key for quality control. Sewing quality should be judged and controlled from appearance, fastness and craft and to size. In this periodical, we do a detailed explanation of appearance, fastness and craft.



Sewing appearance is mainly judged from sewing stitch’s straightness and flatness, open stitch decorative effect, sleeve and collar sewing smoothness as well as pocket, belt loop and other part’s sewing position.

Garment sewing stitch is divided into open stitch and blind stitch. Open stitch can be saw directly. We must ensure that the location is accurate and density is reasonable. In accordance with the standards disconnection and stitch jumping phenomenon are not allowed. Chain stitches sewing both open stitch and blind stitch are not allowed to appear disconnection and stitch jumping phenomenon. Cuff, leg opening etc. closed stitch, the sewing position should choose the inside of joint. You can use the corresponding or high and low presser foot or other auxiliary equipment so as to not only guarantee sewing position accuracy, but also increase sewing speed.


Sewing stitch can’t be traced if it is blind stitch. We will ensure accurate seam allowance and stitch smoothness so as to achieve customized design size. We will also reach order or related sewing density standard in order to ensure the seam fastness. It is necessary to do overlocking or edge rolling treatment for no lining and lining and fabric not completely closed, in order to prevent fur taking off and leakage phenomenon.


Sewing fastness will affect the service life of garment. There are a lot of factors that affect the sewing fastness. The main factors are: gauge set density, seam allowance size, fabric thickness, fabric density, sewing thread quality and seam pattern. There are two indicators to analyze sewing fastness: the seam slippage degree and seam strength. Top of the sewn seams are high fastness back seam, armhole seam, swing seam and side seam have high requirement for sewing fastness. Back crotch seam, inside and outside seam of trousers have high requirement for sewing fastness. China’s national standard for seam slippage requirement is no more than 0.6 cm. Pants’ back crotch seam strength requirement is not less than 120N and jeans’ requirement is 140N.


If you want to meet the required strength standards, please ensure that these parts’ seam allowance can not be less than 0.8cm and sewing density reaches every 3cm with 12 sewing needles. Please adopt double stitch and chain stitch to sew back crotch seam of trousers. In order to achieve the appropriate strength in the crotch seam of jeans, please adopt feed-off-the-arm stitch, chain stitch and feed-off-the-arm stitch that make the strength even better.

Fabric has greater impact on sewing fastness. Therefore, thin fabric sewing needs to increase the density, or take come and go sewing and other methods to ensure the seam stitching fastness. In addition, different fabrics require different needles and threads. Thus, the right needle and thread are also important factors of sewing fastness. Please refer to “the selection of needle” and ” the selection of sewing thread” to review the detailed analysis of this part.



Sewing craft refers to the sewing process and seam treatment, with the adoption of different sewing equipment. Sophisticated technology makes garment have graceful silhouette, smooth lines, firm sewing, flat fabrics with very high degree of compliance with the human body. Both inside and outside of garment are neat and seam allowance is reasonable.

Sewing craft needs to study sewing methods, sewing equipment, sewing aiding pieces, sewing efficiency and quality assurance. Garment enterprises will confirm sewing craft, make processing list and guide production lines during sample production combined with product positioning. You can use different sewing techniques for the same garment. Processing companies can use suitable equipment and process technology in the production of sample clothing. As long as recognized by customers, it can be used as assembly line production process method. Processing enterprises can eliminates the intermediate ironing and hand seaming from the perspective of efficiency, such clothing will appear uneven in seaming parts. If the garment is missing some of the normalized ironing processing, the garment can not reflect the curvature. If you do not master the reasonable portions of shrink position, the garment can not be manifested in radians. The hand sewing or fixing for seaming part can not be missing.


Garment processing procedure is controlled by the mastery of details and combination of machine, craft and technology. Thus, high-quality garment can be produced. Sewing quality improving is not only depended on frontline sewing workers’ sewing skills, but also is inseparable with the joint efforts of technical personnel’s research and management personnel’s supervision and control.

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The adjustment of JK373 Button attaching machine

JK373-800x800The adjustment of JK373 Button attaching machine: When the machine is braking, the presser foot is completely up to the highest point, standard distance between wire cutter plate (front) and the needle plate is 13mm.

Standard spacing adjustment; remove the head base baffle plate, and then loosen the two nuts, screws for connecting mobile before and after, use the model to adjust the spacing to 13mm, then tighten the two nuts. When tightening the nut, wire cutter webs should be in a horizontal position.

Acting trimming knife hook height adjustment:
Stripping hook height standard: the distance between a hook and line should be maintained at 0.5 ~ 0.7mm. If not, you can bend wire hook a little.

Lifting lever and the adjustable screw adjustment
The distance between the top of the lifting lever and adjustable screw ought to be 0.5mm. Loosen the lock nut, turn the screw up and down, transferred after a gap of 0.5mm, and tighten the lock nut.

Common fault causes and treatment methods
Do not cut the line
Wire hook could not reliably poke a side of fabric. So adjust the position of the thread cutting knife; sewing machine needles do not fall into the center of the eye button, rolling head holder to adjust; in the final stitch point, adjust the needle and looper (relative position); if the height of cutting knife is inappropriate, adjust it.

Needle thread and thread on the back of the fabric are cut
if the position of acting trimming knife does not fit, adjust the position of knife when machine finishes braking.
After the thread is cut, the thread on the back of the fabric is exposed too long.
Maybe the timing of thread cut knife is inappropriate, adjust the position of it. If the reason is the uplift amount button presser device is too large, ries the button clamp jaw to 9mm.

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Fashion-The little black dress-4/2/2016

Black dress collocation, show the life, the most beautiful work in you.


New year: China red point dropout permeated with a festive, such collocation will be a good start


Work: solemn and lively zebra stripes never behind the times, so you work on the field to do the real queen.


Banquet: when you don’t know what to wear to the party, look here, you can collocation the most perfect party dress, let you become the focus of the party.


Party: blue decoration, the release of the most innocent of a woman’s own side.

Life: every woman is a blooming flower, floral collocation, make life of your own.


Shopping: walking in the street, a little bright color will make you different, no matter where you go, you are the focus of the crowd.


Date: elegant and ladylike style, let you easily in the romantic atmosphere.


Travel: snow and ice ablation, collocation, let you travel in your very different.


More collocation:

1 182 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17       24     29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36The litt37


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Garment cutting-3/3/2016


It is very important to learn arm three dimensional cutting because it is the basis of sleeve type. The quality of the arm sleeve type plays a significant role. Here I want to share with you my personal favorite three dimensional cutting techniques:


1.  Style Positioning

First, choose the right mannequin according to your company style. Please find the latitude and longitude lines at neckline 13CM down. If neckline and side seams are not subjected to a line. Please measure it based on neckline. Do not use mannequin’s arm root, See below:


2.  latitude and longitude lines

Find a piece of A4 paper attached to the top; cut two holes to make paper and mannequin stick together; copy outline and latitude and longitude lines.


3. Do net version

See picture: cut off the excessive paper and make net version.


4. Make latitude and longitude lines posted

Please find our hard paperboard and posted latitude and longitude lines; I do not have hard paperboard at hand and use disc instead (use scissors for help).


5. Gray cloth packing

See below: to pack it with three-dimensional gray cloth.


6.  Free to draw the outline in your heart; do not draw the structure lines; draw lines will be bound by the line; do not find the feeling is very tired; But focus monitoring can not be missing. You can draw a lot of lines if you can not find the feeling.


7. Seventh: Find the lines

See picture: please get a line you want among the lines you drew.



8. Divide big and small sleeve

Divide big and small sleeve sections; make pattern according to flat sleeve style by ratio, see below:


9. Decomposition pattern

At this period, net version pattern can be used because it lacks of amount of loose cotton.


10.  Amount of loose cotton

It is necessary to add amount of loose cotton at attached picture.



11. Horizontal and vertical method

It is known among pattern maker that three dimensional cutting is divided into and vertical methods. In terms of horizontal method, the harder the better. Roll- in and double-decker method can be adopted. Vertical method is simple. Please see picture below. First use four needles to fix sleeve opening, and then fill the needle to make it in a balanced manner.



12. Style confirmation

We like sleeve type curved and make arm bent. It is recommended to do a straight one to meet different designer’s style requirement.



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Basic knowledge of industrial sewing machines-31/12/2015

  1. Universal sewing machine

①, industrial sewing machines are widely used in apparel production, mainly for flat seams. In recent years, industrial sewing machine has been developing toward the high-speed and computerized direction, with speed from 3000r / min. up to 5000 ~ 6000r / min.; besides general purposes, industrial sewing machines also have automatic reversing, automatic thread trimming, automatic thread wiping, automatic presser foot lifting, automatic needle position up and down controlling, automatic needle stopping functions and a variety of protection features.

ZJ9700DDI-4  Direct-drive integrated computerized high-speed lockstitch sewing machine with auto-trimmer and auto foot lift



  1. Computer controlled integrated high-speed direct-drive sewing machines can be used when it is plugged in electricity, eliminating various plug confusion and installation problems;
  2. With automatic thread trimming, automatic needle positioning, automatic stitch amount setting, automatic thread wiping and many other sewing modes;
  3. Excellent feeding mechanism, greatly improving production efficiency;
  4. Built-in thread winder has nice appearance and easy operation advantages;
  5. Low noise, environment-friendly

ZJ777T-D Direct drive high-speed computerized lockstitch sewing machine with edge cutter


Features: suitable for sewing shirts, suits or similar garment, especially its collars, front opening, etc. The unique feeding mechanism reduces the difference in stitch length between forward and reverse feed to the minimum. The side cutting device can make the sewing and trimming process simultaneously and improves work efficiency.

② Overlock sewing machines can be divided into 3 thread, 4 thread and 5 thread overlock sewing machines. 3 thread overlock sewing machines and 5 thread overlock sewing machines have wide applications.

MX5214DD-EUT Direct drive super high speed computerized overlock sewing machine with auto trimmer



This series has the maximum sewing speed up to 7000 rpm;

Automatic presser foot; installing suction and cutting device;

Adopting computerized built-in direct-drive servo motor, saving about 60% of electricity; Adding oil absorbing device in needle bar and rocking parts to prevent oil spills;

Single needle bar support structure, easy to achieve high-speed operation;

Enclosed needle bar mechanism prevents dust inhalation and abrasion and oil leakage occurrence of needle bar;

Installation of oil filter to improve oil cleanliness, to ensure high-speed operation; Maximizing the operating space, making the operation more comfortable and convenient and ensuring beautiful sewing stitches

JK732-48GA 5 thread gathering overlock sewing machine


Features: JK732-38GA 5 thread gathering overlock sewing machine is suitable for medium heavy cloth underlayer intermittently or continuously irregular gathering, increase sewing quality, such as skirts, bedspreads, curtains ,etc.

③ Interlock sewing machine is mainly used for knitted underwear, rolling collar, rolling trim, folding edge, joints and others.

JK562-01CB-UT Direct drive high-speed interlock sewing machine with auto trimmer


Features: Adopting small servo motor instead of original belt drive, can start and stop work quickly, shorten the transmission routes and improve the accuracy. This model also has automatic thread trimming, automatic speed control, automatic needle position and a series of automatic functions and can improve efficiency.

ZJ664DD-01CB-UT Cylinder bed direct drive high-speed interlock sewing machine with auto trimmer


Features: mechatronic system design can complete automatic thread cutting, automatic presser foot lifting, automatic needle positioning and a series of actions; can be used on both side decorative sewing for a wide variety of decorations; can meet the requirement of high quality and diversified sewing effect; increase more than 50% production efficiency; recover the costs within 6 to 12 months.

2, special purpose sewing machine:

Special sewing machine is applied to accomplish some special sewing techniques, such as button holing, button mounting, bar tacking, etc.

ZJ373DD  Direct drive high speed button mounting machine


Features: ZJ373DD Button sewing machine is mainly used for buttons with two or four holes. It can also sew other shapes of buttons by equipping with additional device. It is suitable for light and medium heavy materials.

  1. Decorative sewing machines:

Decorative sewing machine is applied for sewing a variety of beautiful decorative stitches and seaming, such as embroidery machine, zigzag sewing machine, crescent machines.

ZJ2516R Direct drive procedural computer floral decoration sewing machine



  1. In full accordance with sewing data to sewing beautiful stitch;
  2. High-speed sewing, low power consumption, economical and practical;
  3. Simply adjust the presser foot lift capacity through operation panel;
  4. Using simple program editor PD-3000 (Optional), high-speed sewing and beautiful stitch, energy saving while achieving excellent sewing quality and production efficiency

JK20U63 Zigzag sewing machine



The differential gear structure, inverted-feeding structure, flexible operation, stable operation, neat and beautiful stitch and easy maintenance;

For the production of embroidery, suits, women’s wear, bras, swimwear, children’s clothing, other clothing, shoes and hats, gloves, leather goods, bags, etc.

Can be thin, for feeding in thick seam straight, curved seam, patchwork, it is a multi-purpose variety series curved stitch sewing machine.

It can be applied to sewing thin or medium heavy materials with straight, zigzag or joint sewing. It is multi-function sewing machine.

4  Professional sewing machines:

Special sewing machine is able to set the technical process according to the program and automatically complete the operating cycle, such as computerized long-arm sewing machines, automatic intelligent pattern sewing machines, hand stitch sewing machines, etc

ZJ9988 Computerized direct drive high speed long arm machine



  1. more powerful compound feeding, capable of accurately and easily sewing several layers of heavy weight materials, with precise and beautiful advantages;
  2. presser foot lift capacity of 20mm, suitable for sewing extra heavy materials;

3, available work scope up to 455mm; suitable for down wear, sportswear, cotton-padded jacket, windbreaker, jackets, suits, shirts, sleeping bags and other quilted cotton and pattern operations;

4, using big hook and bobbin, reducing the replacement of bottom line, increasing sewing efficiency;

5, the bobbin winding device mounted on machine head, easy to operate;

6, the choice of synchronous motor means work without hand push operation; the template is automatically synchronized with the sewing machine, stable stitch , speed synchronization, high efficiency and beautiful appearance.

ZJ9450  Automatic intelligent pattern sewing machines


Features: ZJ9450 automatic intelligent pattern sewing machine is a professional sewing machine integrating precision machinery pneumatic and computer technology, equipped with the advanced WINDOWS professional control system, with self-design drawing collection, automatic recognition of various clothing CAD file format standalone software and generation of sewing path file. Sewing patterns can also be directly loaded via USB port, using high-definition large touch screen and Chinese interface, realizing full-touch operation and intuitive and convenient operation.

Intelligent recognition template can automatically identify the starting point of sewing and achieve one-button operation. During production, workers can simply load the template without manual operation. Reusing the template can save time for factory. Sewing range is wide. Width reaches 40-80cm and length up to 100cm to infinite can be easily sewn.

It is widely used in various types of specific parts of sewing leather goods, leather products, bags, shoes, gloves, jeans, handbags, sporting goods, automotive seat belts, with excellent sewing effect and precise, clean and beautiful stitches, At the same time, we can achieve intelligent automatic operation without manual intervention to complete the pre-independent sewing program, greatly improving work efficiency and product quality.

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The inventor of the sewing machine–24/12/2015

Many people think that the inventor of the sewing machine is Singer, in fact, 169 years ago on September 10, 1846, the U.S. Patent Office to inventor Elias Howe (Elias Howe) issued the first sewing machine patents, patent number as “US 4750 A”, patent name called “Improvement in sewing – those” (A kind of sewing machine Improvement).

Elias Howe in 1846 invention of the sewing machine

You might ask, since it is improved that it is not the first sewing machine, why this day as the sewing machine’s birthday? This is because, before that, there are a lot of people have invented a sewing machine, even the earliest can be traced back to 1755, the Germans Charles Wiesenthal won the first in the UK the patent of the sewing machine, to facilitate sewing by hand. Elias Howe, however, significant improvements were made on the sewing machine, making it the first truly modern sense of the sewing machine. He used the double chain sewing method, and a series of crucial for modern sewing machine structure, such as set in the eye of a needle tip, automatic feeding device, etc. So he is the true sense of the inventor of the sewing machine.

Double chain sewing method

How did he think of set the eye of a needle on the needle point ? His mother’s family history records a story: as a result of the house day and night work, in one night dreaming that I am unable to improve sewing machine and angered the king, the king sent soldiers to catch his crucifixion. Soldier holding a spear in the dream, the spear point is in the shape of hollow out and gave him the inspiration.

Howe patented only 27 years old.  in October 1846, his brother Amasa.Bemis.Hao sold his machine for 250 pounds to the London businessman William Thomas, who has a factory, making tights, umbrellas and suitcase.

At the same time, many people started to copy his sewing machine. Elias found Isaac Singer (which is now the founder of the “American household sewing machine”) and Walter hunt were used in the production of sewing machine he invented by double chain sewing method. To protect their patent right, he was forced to took to the court. Lawsuit lasted from 1849 to 1849, spent a lot of money and effort, finally won the lawsuit, and received the excessive royalties paid by Singer.
– Household sewing machine

In 1867, the Paris world’s fair, Hao of the sewing machine won a gold medal. That same year, he won the napoleon iii awarded the medal of honor.
In 2004, Elias Howe was inducted into the national inventors hall of fame. His invention of the sewing machine, popular in the world, walked into the thousands of lives, changed the history of the human manufacturing clothes. Today we are the world’s 70 hundreds of millions of people are enjoying the good and cheap clothing, there is no doubt that Elias, have made great contributions for this reason, everyone should for his thumb up!


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CISMA 2023 will be held from Sep.25 to Sep.28 in Shanghai.

CISMA 2023.jpg

CISMA(China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show) is the world the largest professional sewing machinery show in the world. The exhibits include pre-sewing, sewing, and after-sewing equipment, CAD/CAM, spare parts and accessories which covers the whole garment production procedure. CISMA has won attention and recognition from both exhibitors and visitors with its grand scale, excellent service and trade function.

JOCKY sincerely invite customers from all over the world to attend CISMA 2023 and visit our booth.


DATE: 25TH SEPT.~28TH SEPT., 2023



In the exhibition ZHEJIANG JOCKY MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.will display all their latest models of sewing machine and garment equipment.


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