Welcome to join AFFILIATE PROGRAM, easy registration, no technical knowledge required;
After approved by SEWINGBAR, you can log in, set up links of specific products and send it directly to customers, or embed the link into your own website. If any of the links you provided is clicked, it will navigate directly to SEWINGBAR corresponding product page, our affiliate software will track the user’s actions.
After order completion is tracked by affiliate software, SEWINGBAR automatically rewards commission of agreed percentage of order amount to your account (calculate by FOB price; shipping and insurance fees are not counted; if the orders have freight included, SEWINGBAR will automatically adjust and deduct correspondingly).
When the distribution commission accumulated to USD1000, you can choose the appropriate way to extract payment,  also can save the money to your specified SEWINGBAR member account and directly purchase SEWINGBAR products.


Welcome to join DISTRIBUTOR & DEALER GROWTH PLAN; distributors are important partners of SEWINGBAR; You will enjoy the following growing support:
10% of credit support
Advertising support
you can pay 10% of the credit amount after receipt of the goods within 6 months and 90% of order amount should be paid before shipment.
SEWINGBAR encourages you to become our agency after you meet related requirement.

Agency is the highest level of SEWINGBAR partner and enjoys multiple benefits and support, including:
Agency price
10% of credit support
Network source support
Technical training Support
Advertising support
You can contact SEWINGBAR to discuss and sign agency agreement if purchasing and shipping goods through SEWINGBAR once purchasing amount reaching USD50000. Agency is divided into brand agency and regional agency. SEWINGBAR will upgrade agency levels based on sales growth and user’s scope expansion.
After the agreement is signed, the agency can choose whether to display his/her information on SEWINGBAR. SEWINGBAR will recommend local customers to purchase from you directly according to the agreement.



If you are an equipment engineer, maintenance technician or service station, welcome to join us. You will enjoy the following benefits:
Recommend users in your city / region to pay for repair and parts purchase;
Provide you with preferential prices and perfect part supply services;
Technical information and training support from SEWINGBAR;
You will get 20 points after each service provided and praised by users. (points can be used as cash and deducted for parts or machine purchasing on SEWINGBAR)



1, If you have professional knowledge in the manufacture of clothes, trousers, shoes, caps, luggage, home textile, toys and other related products, welcome to become SEWINGBAR sales consultant.
If you can provide professional equipment solutions for specific product, SEWINGBAR will reward points to your account:
Solution adopted and published by SEWINGBAR-SOLUTION, award 500 points;
If solutions have some reference value but not adopted and published, award 100 points;
When you buy machines or parts on SEWINGBAR, points can be used as cash to be directly deducted from payment.

Professional equipment solutions should contain the following elements:
-Detailed product description and stitch detail (picture illustration and words explanation)
-Device configuration for different sizes
-Equipment name and model no. and brand name for reference
-Production process and technology
-Work station and number of workers
-Workshop area requirements.

2, Recommend users in your city / region to you for paid service of consulting on equipment solutions; if the consulted users succeed in purchasing machines from SEWINGBAR, you will receive sales incentives from SEWINGBAR and reward is equal to members of affiliate program.

3,  If you have user network resources, welcome to join affiliate program or recommend potential users’ information to SEWINGBAR staff, you will get sales incentives.

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