Production process of double-faced wool coat

Production process of double-faced wool coat (Tip: hand-sewing has been replaced by machine, video is displayed in the middle of the article)

From the incision of an unfinished double-faced wool coat, you will see the labor marks by craftsmen. How does tight stitch made by such a delicate handwork with careful folding of the edge of the cut material inward and sewing at a just enough position. These edges will rub your skin every day and bring you the unique temperature of art.

  1. Fabric Inspection

The inspector will place the fabric on the cloth inspection machine and observe the fabric’s potential defectives like color difference, holes, etc. via light point-by-point. And finally inspection report will be released.

Advantages: High-quality double-sided fabrics will be strictly controlled from the source and it ensures that each fabric is free from defects

  1. Cutting

For the very first time, the electric knife is used to pre cutting and then second time gantry knife is used to precise cutting

Advantages: Adopt rough cutting and fine cutting, those two processes ensure cutting accurateness and eadge tidy


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  1. Pieces inspection

Even cutting by precise machine, We also do inspection and ensure every piece is perfect.

Advantages: check over and over again, make sure every piece is high quality.



The garments are cut and the inspection technicians will arrange the garments in an orderly manner and put them into the liner to achieve a stable size.

Advantages: The size of the piece will not change due to humidity and temperature, so the version is more accurate and error-free, and the finished product is of better quality.


5.Proofreading piece by piece

The stable size of the finished piece is checked with the original version to ensure that the version is consistent. ICICLE is extremely rigorous in the accuracy of the version.

Advantages: Repeated tests to ensure accurate version, clothing quality and strong sense of quality.


  1. Position

The method of positioning the line is used to control the depth of the shading seam to ensure that the width of the manual shading is uniform.

Advantages: Positioning line can be a good reminder of the distance the operator needs to slit, without error.


7.Positioning slit

The professional machine is used to cut the double-sided tape horizontally to the positioning line, and the knotted yarn connecting the two layers of fabric is gently cut. This is a very delicate operation, and it must be ensured that the fabric is not damaged during the slitting process. The clothing after the split seam can be used for the next sticking and hand sewing, so this is a very important process. ICICLE’s workers in this process have many years of operating experience and are highly skilled.

Advantages: The use of positioning the way to cut seams, more accurately determine the depth of the seam, detailed and rigorous.

  1. Fusing position

ICICLE’s double-sided fabrics will be featured with high-quality webbing linings, which will add a bit of bone to the original soft fabric and increase the support during the two stitches.

Advantages: The lining of the webbing in the patchwork not only can make the finished product more firm in the patchwork seam, but also can make the patchwork seam more smooth and delicate.


9.Machine replace labor to do manual patchwork and seams


  1. Semi-finished product inspection

After the hand-sewing process is completed, a semi-finished product is inspected to ensure that there is no flaw in the sewing details.

Advantages: Inspection of semi-finished products can reduce the defective rate of finished products to the utmost extent, and ensure the accuracy of previous processes is perfect. The quality of ready-to-wear garments will reach higher standards due to repeated inspections.


  1. Semi-finished ironing

After the strict inspection of the product, the semi-finished product will be hot-pressed, showing the basic profile of the entire garment, making the fabric smooth and facilitating the accurate positioning of the next auxiliary process.

Advantages: Ironing is a very important part, can make the outline of the clothing more perfect, the fabric is more flat and refined. The semi-finished products can also make the positioning of accessories more accurate and error-free.


  1. Accessory attaching

Button holling

The button holling process includes two steps, it is difficult to find bar tacking process after adopting one more steps

Advantages: The performance will be more refined and practically it will be more wear-resisting as well as strong via two step courses.


  1. button production

Each button include same amount of cotton and gasket which is made by professional worker and this process is manual operation.

Advantages: The button is more full after filling with cotton, and there will not be an unsightly mark on the front fly. Every detail could be better and better.


  1. Buttons

Adopt the method of Hand-made button attaching, reverse side is fastened by small button. It ensure every button is extremely delicate and durable

Advantages: Hand-made method makes the buttons have strong attachment and reveals its delicacy at the details.


  1. Apparel Inspection

After the completion of all garments, the inspection team conducts professional and meticulous inspection of the garments.

Advantages: A professional inspection team ensures that every detail of the clothes and reaches the highest standard.

  1. Third-party inspections

Finished products after strict self-inspection by the factory will be sent to the third-party inspection department set up by the parent company for re-inspection. The department’s requirements for product qualification are very high.

Advantages: The high standards of inspections are repeated over and over again. The purpose isto give consumers the best quality products.


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