Problems need to pay attention to in clothing style painting

  1. Ratio

When making the garment fashion drawing, we should firstly pay attention to the ratio between the garment shape and the garment details. Before drawing, the author should have a detailed understanding of all the ratios of the garment being painted, because different costumes have different ratio. When drawing the ratio of garment, we should pay attention to “from the whole to the part”, draw the shape of the garment and the ratio between the main parts. For example, the ratio of the shoulder width of the garment to the length of the garment, the ratio between the waist width of the trousers and the length of the trousers, the ratio between the neckline and the shoulder width, the ratio between the width of the waist and the length of the waist, ect. After holding the ratios, pay attention to the part and part, the proportion between the part and the whole.



If draw a vertical line along with the person’s eyebrows, philtrum, the navel, and use this vertical line as the center, the body of both the left and right sides is symmetrical, due to human factors, so the body of the clothing structure must present a symmetrical structure, the “symmetry” is not only the garment and the characteristics and laws, and a lot of clothing will be beautiful because of symmetry plane.Therefore, we must pay attention to the symmetry rule of clothing in the drawing process of design drawing.





In the process of fashion design drawing, normally it is made by line.So we should pay attention to in the process of drawing the lines accurately and clearly, not ambiguously, if paint the inaccurate or wrong line, we must use the eraser to clean, not to retain, because it will cause misunderstanding of garment drawing and sample maker.



4.Text description and samples of fabric

After the completion of the clothing style drawing, in order to facilitate the board master and the proofing master to finish the pattern making more accurately , we should also mark the necessary text description, including: the design idea of the garment, the specific size of the garment. (such as: length of clothing, sleeve length, cuff width, shoulder oblique, front collar deepth, back collar deepth, etc.),and the  process production requirements (such as; position and width of the open line, clothing printing position and special process requirements, buckles, etc. ), as well as the details of the fabric’s collocation and style drawings that cannot be expressed in the drawing.In addition, the clothing style map should generally be attached to the fabric, accessories (including buttons, lace and special decorative materials, etc.). This can make the garment processer understand the designer’s design intent more intuitively , and this provides an important reference for the garment to purchase accessories in the production process.








Clothing styles drawing requirement must be clear. so we must pay attention the details, if it is becuase of the size of the image, we can use local amplification method to display the details of clothing,we can also use the method of descriptive text for the clothing styles figure add label or instructions, to clear the details.In this process stylist must not be afraid of trouble and attach fabric and samples on dress design drawing, (include button, lace and special adornment material to wait).In this way, the participants of garment production can understand the designer’s design intention more directly, and the procurement of accessories in the production process provides an important reference basis.