Precautions of operating an electric sewing machine for new comers-21/4/2016


As new sewing comers, that is to say they do not know the machine’s functions and components. They don’t know how to control the force of the foot pedal or how to do when cloth feeding, and do not know how to keep secure and avoid the risk from an erroneous operation of the machine. For such a situation, we advise them to get training first, and mastering machine performance before you operate independently; at the beginning, new comers would better use simple-operated household sewing machines with a mini motor and basic industrial sewing machines with a clutch motor.  What should they pay attention to when using sewing machine?


  • Electric sewing machine is comprised of the machine head, the rack, the platen and the motor. Electric sewing machine must be of qualified installation and good insulation, preventing leakage wounding.


  • Before using the sewing machine, clean the machine, check the parts if they are in good condition, rotation is flexible, the set voltage is correct; confirm that the power plug is plugged in correctly. When the power supply specification is different, please do not use the machine.


  • At the beginning of work, check the main parts. If found irregularities, it should be solved in time.


  • Before using every oil eye should be properly oiled and refueled at any time while using.


  • When you use the machine, only turn the hand wheel forth, not turning around, for it will cause the machine stuck or machinery dislocation. Especially in pedaling the machine at work, it will damage the motor.

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  • The rotational direction of the sewing machine is counterclockwise from the side of flywheel. Be careful not to let the machine run reversely. Clutch motor has a steering switch, and some use plugs. Operate correctly when you use it. Power Saving Motor also has changeover settings.


  • To prevent injury, never operate the machine at removing the belt guard, finger guard and other state security apparatus. When sewing machine is operating, do not let fingers, hair and clothes close to the pulley, V-belt, motor; do not put things on machine. When operating the machine, please do not put your fingers close to the needle. When sewing machine operated and the hook is rotated at high speed, in order to prevent hand injury, never put your hand close to the hook.


  • When using the machine, you should not wear gloves, and keep your hands away from the needle at least 60 mm. Stitch length should be uniformed, and master a certain speed to prevent injury.


  • If there is a malfunction, you should immediately cut off power, troubleshooting before using again.


  • When head needs to be disassembled during repair, be careful not to lose parts.


  • When shifting of duty, the machine should be wiped clean.


  • If there is thread jamming when sewing which makes machine out of work, do not pull fabric or thread or step on the foot pedal. Stopping immediately, cut down the thread, and carefully take out the bobbin case and shuttle hook and other components, then clean the inside.


  • Do not use toothpicks, needles and other sharp objects to remove dirt in head section to avoid part damaging.


  • Pedaling speed cannot be too fast, otherwise it will damage parts.

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