Modification of old sewing machine-7/4/2016

In ancient times, our ancestor already knew how to sew simple clothes by using animals’ skin and leaf together with fish bone and litho style. Then with the development of iron and metal manufacturing technology, people has gradually learnt to use metallic needles to sew clothes and the shapes have been improved greatly, and such a sewing way is still of use now. In 1859, Singer invented the first foot type sewing machine.



Old-fashioned foot type sewing machine in the eyes of the people seemed to represent the image of mother during childhood period. With the development of the times, old sewing machines have gradually disappeared from the family stage. There are old-fashioned sewing machines in lots of people’s home, but no longer used. Most of sewing machines in 80s or 90s use European flower decoration. By taking advantage of transformation, it can become practical and beautiful furniture.








As the era is developing and the quality of life is improved, some old objects absolutely become out of use and date, and cannot produce economic profit. However, I reckon there are some good traditions and qualities remaining in oldness——the spirit of get sweetness after bitterness, and making us always feel the industriousness of a mother, happiness of a family and a wonderful childhood of a child.


Modern household sewing machine is completely different from the past, without the bulky appearance and noise, to bring people more fashion feelings than practical functions. Nowadays customers who bought a home sewing machine are students, designers, newlyweds, and fashionable women, some of the retirees. The purpose of using a home sewing machine is no longer to save money, but to experience the joy of manually creating and seek their own home and dress personalization.

AS-950 household Embroidery Machine