Embroidery expert


Embroidery machine is the most advanced embroidery device currently, for it could increase the speed and efficiency of traditional hand-made embroidery, compared with traditional embroidery it greatly saves money meanwhile achieve the goal of high quality, variation and multi layers. Embroidery machine is a product that is of technology. In current, the famous brands of embroidery around the world are TAJIMA, BARUDAN, BROTHER, ZSK, PFAFF, etc. China has produced domestic embroidery machines which are produced in Zhuji, Qingdao, Wuhan, Suzhou, etc.


Embroidery machine proceeds by its computer control system, which makes X and Y these two axles work according to the design diagram which has been designed before. Therefore, embroidery machine has more advantages than traditional embroidery, more efficient, more unified, more various. In our daily life, in many areas such as home textile, garment we can see the usage of embroidery machine, benefited from it the products are more beautiful and worthwhile.


There are many kinds of embroidery machine, they having different specification. In general, they could be sorted by these standards: 1. the number of head. 2. the number of needles in every head. 3.the format of thread 4. the way of supplying thread. Due to these different specifications, embroidery machine could make many combinations, so it can satisfy all users and clients who have different requirements to embroidery.

If an embroidery machine has more than 40 heads, we call it Super multi-head embroidery machine. With the increase of cost of labor force, Super multi-head embroidery machine can greatly decrease the producing cost and increase the efficiency.


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