How to keep safe from COVID-19



COVID-19 is spreading and many countries were attacked by it. But we shall not be panic. If we do something, we’ll beat it! There are lots of things we can do?


What we can do in our daily life?

  1. Try not to go out. If you have to, walk or drive yourself. Try not to take public transportation.
  2. Don’t gather around. There are plenty of time we can meet each other if we successfully overcome this epidemic. Keep yourself safe and keep others safe in the same time.
  3. Wear a mask if go out. N95 is not the only choice. Deal with your worn mask in a right way
  4. Wash your hands regularly in a right way. Keep warm but ventilate frequently at home.
Washing hands properly infographic,vector illustration.
Washing hands properly infographic,vector illustration.

What we can do during work time?

  1. In the lift, wear mask and try not to talk. Don’t rub your eyes or nose. Try not to touch the button directly and wash your hands off the lift at once. Sanitize the lift every day.
  2. In the canteen, take off your mask until you start to eat. Don’t touch the pollution side of the mask. Try to avoid the dining peak. If possible, bring meals to work.
  3. In the office, ventilate frequently. Try not to have meetings. Better work on line. Try not to talk face to face. Always wear a mask.
  4. Sanitize the telephone, door handle, mouse and keyboard, etc. The NCP is sensitive to organic solvents, disinfectants and UV.


Take care everyone & may the world recovers from COVID-19 soon.


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